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Dedicated 20,000 BTC Security Reserve Fund.

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Blockchain Technology Development

  • Blockchain Wallet Development

    Safe and convenient real-time storage
    Asset information is clear and clear
    Support multi-currency storage Import
    and export fast and free One-click to
    add the required assets Balance transactions
    View asset transfers at any time Quick
    transactions Fund circulation is flexible
    and convenient

  • Blockchain Application

    Crypto assets permanently valid crypto
    celebrities bidding virtual games data
    security pet development safe and traceable

  • Blockchain Business Ecology

    Instant messaging advertising system
    content payment investment social
    credit information data e-wallet game
    application blockchain mall

Exchange team

  • CCO Jacob Cohen (Jacob Cohen)

    He served as a bank review officer for 12 years, and then worked in a financial company as a representative of an anti-money laundering organization for 7 years. Have rich experience in legal consulting, contract review, anti-money laundering, etc.!

  • Masood Rashid, Chief Technology Officer

    The chief technology officer of CoinBest, has 21 years of experience in the Internet industry, is proficient in multiple computer languages, is good at designing long-term, high-concurrency, and usable architectures, and has rich R&D management experience.

  • Antonio Alvarez, CLO

    Antonio Alvarez (Antonio Alvarez) is CoinBest's general counsel and served as an attorney for the Big Four. He has a consultant team composed of lawyers from many countries.

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